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September Dental mission trip

We recently returned from our trip dental trip to Ecuador. We worked for four days and traveled to Ballenita, Cerro Alto and El Azucar. We did extractions, fillings cleanings and taught our beautiful patients how to brush and floss. Our 17 volunteers were incredible. They worked hard and tirelessly each day. We worked as late as 7pm some evenings. We saw close to 800 patients this trip. It was a tremendous success and such a blessing to be a part of! On our days off we went to the beach, did some shopping in the local markets and went to La Chocolatera to see the coast point of Ecuador. We had a lot of late nights staying up playing cards or learning how to dance and got used to riding taxis and buses like locals. Our next trip will be in May and we are so excited! See more photos from this trip on our Media tab!

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