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5th Annual Dental Trip Under our belts

This year we traveled to Cotacachi, Ecuador.  A beautiful mountain city nestled next a volcano.  We had 3 clinic days and saw 400 patients.  We set up stations at each of our clinics and after each patient was triaged at the door we gave them a form that detailed their treatment plan.  Some came in for just a cleaning while other patients needed full mouth extractions due to cavities and periodontal disease that had run rampant.  We applied fluoride on each of the childrens teeth and did as many fillings as we were able too.  After everyone got their treatment plan paper they were sent to the "classroom" where we had our volutneer Luna giving thorough oral hygiene instructions with models, posters and displays. They then were sent to the hygiene corner where they got their cleaning.  Some would then get an extraction or head over to Dr. Villamar or Dr. Guerra to get fillings done.  Child patients were dismissed with a goodie bag and a toy or stuffed animal. We know how scary it can be to see the dentist and for a lot of these kids it is their first time, we wanted them to leave feeling like it was a positive experience. Our hope is to inspire them to improve their oral  hygiene and keep their beautiful smiles for the rest of their lives.  It was such a rewarding trip and we had an incredible team of volunteers! We look forward to next year!

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