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This is Our Story

The Mission of the LOVE Project is dedicated to Leonila Lozano Pisco

This site is dedicated to the humanitarian efforts of the Villamar sisters in their home country of Ecuador.  Their mother, Leonila Lozano was an incredible example of charity, love and compassion, and was the inspiration for The Love Project.  They began this humanitarian effort in memory of Leonila and everything that she instilled in them.


Throughout her life, Leonila led by example through her acts of love and compassion for others.  Her daughters recall that any time their mother encountered a child in need, she would call him or her into their home, clothing and feeding them.  Many single women that became pregnant out of wedlock also received care from Leonila, who would assist not only in child-rearing, but in providing the means for the child to attend school.


The LOVE project began in 1999, when two of the Villamar sisters brought the gently used clothing of their own children on a visit to Ecuador. While there, they distributed  the clothing to the needy children they found roaming the streets.  This endeavor has grown tremendously since then, allowing us to reach thousands of children to date…Unimaginable back then when we only had enough for about fifty kids. With every passing year, we have been able to help more and more children as the donations continue to increase, and we look forward to touching many more lives.


Our deepest gratitude to all who have donated money and goods, and to all who have volunteered their time and efforts throughout these many years to help continue this great legacy of love. 


Our Mission

The L.O.V.E. project is a non-profit charity organization that was created to help the less fortunate children of Ecuador. We strive to bring a small amount of happiness and joy to those children during what we call "Christmas in November."

Our vision is a world in which we can provide a toy, school supplies, or a new outfit for each less fortunate child, to make him or her feel as special and as important as they truly are. We also hope to leave a lasting impression of our love for each individual life of the children we help. You can help make our vision become a reality by showing us your support and making a donation as large or small as you can. There are many ways that you can help. Please go to our donation page to find out more.  More recently we have added a dental service trip to our mission. We provide much-needed emergency dental care and preventative care to these same communities. 

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